Morning folks , the website has now been running for about 6 months so it was time for a review of the statistics and I have made the decision that the focus will now lie on our social media accounts.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere! The only impact on here is that I won’t personally be adding as many reviews or write ups. I already write a musical column in @warringtonworldwidemagazine and they are time consuming so I will leave the music reviews to guest writers if they want to contribute . However, I will still be posting news and events on here as much as possible.

Can I ask a big favour? Will you follow me on Facebook and Tik-Tok? The handles are On Instagram our handle is @unsignedhub.com_uk.

I am also launching a podcast as the statistics from my Tik-Tok experiments are showing the spoken word is proving far more powerful nowadays so watch out for the podcast via Spotify where I will be able to link tracks and get some guests in, exciting stuff and check back soon. Happy New Year everyone !