Introducing #PieEaterKev – another very talented Poet ,but what do we know about him ?

Pie Eater Kev is Kevin Fitzpatrick. He has worked as a school science technician for over 25 years in the Bradford and Wakefield districts, having moved over from Wigan in the early 1990s. When not working he loves playing his guitar, supping craft beers and writing poems. 

His love of poems started at an early age. He recalls enjoying a Stanley Holloway monologue ‘The Battle of Hastings’ performed by Lancashire folk band, ‘The Five Penny Piece’ when he was just a young lad in the 1970s. Similar poems like ‘Albert’ and ‘The Lion’ we’re often recited in his house. Other influences include Pam Ayers, Spike Milligan, Brian Bilston and John Cooper Clarke. His first efforts at writing poems started whilst working on the North Sea oil rigs but it wasn’t until his children started growing up that it become more of a hobby. 

All his poems were filed away until the COVID pandemic. At this time he started posting pandemic poems on Twitter and was encouraged to self publish them by some of his followers. He has now self published four books and often recites his poems at the open mic sessions at The Station pub in Silkstone Common. 

His poems are lighthearted, rhyme and concern everyday life. But life doesn’t always run smoothly so occasionally they are joined by quite sad and thoughtful ones.

Check him out on Twitter @PieEaterKev where he posts many of his new poems , or use the link below to find his books on Amazon.

Here is a video clip of #PieEaterKev performing a bedtime poem , enjoy folks!

Next up is #GigthePoet with his ‘Ode to Pete Shelley’ of The Buzzcocks.

Who is he?

#GigthePoet ( cracking name! ) is Gordon Shaw , entertaining front man of the covers band #JonnyForeigner and lead singer /co-songwriter of originals band #afewdirtycoins. An area sales manager by day and clearly a poet & lyricist by night , he’s a very likeable Lancashire lad who draws his inspiration from the peoples favourite poet John Cooper Clarke and writer Neil Gaiman , plus musical wordsmiths Elvis Costello , Paul Heaton , Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen to name a few!

Like most of us #GigthePoet wants to bring his work to the people via as many platforms as possible and his aspiration is to have his work published. We hope you enjoy it and we will continue to support him, but in the meantime if you are a follower of his beloved #BoltonWanderersFC or #AthertonCollieriesFC pop over and say hello , he might be roaring at the team but he really is a nice guy……….honest!

#GigthePoet with the band #JonnyForeigner : Photo Credit- unknown