Since 2022 my children have been attending a fantastic organisation – namely #YouthZone in #Warrington, Cheshire and they had told me that a very young band ( average age 17 ) had been rehearsing there since they formed in May 2023 and they were performing a half hour gig at #HMV Music store in #Warrington town centre on Saturday 12th Aug as a bit of a showcase. Naturally I was inquisitive so popped down with my wife and children to check them out .

The band were ‘The Odeens’ with Lex on Lead Vocals, Anthony on Lead Guitar, Tyler on Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals , Lunar on Bass Guitar and Gordon on Drums. Their performance space was literally a 15ft by 15 ft square in the middle of the shop and they had brought along their small box amps and dampened drums to keep the noise down before starting their short set of original material and a couple of covers. There were a number of teenage fans and family members in support and many passers-by stopped to watch the performance , obviously the lads were a little nervous but that didn’t last for long and with deserved applause for this rock like band they quickly settled down.

Their performance brought back vivid memories for myself many (many!) moons ago when our timing was a little out here and there, the sound was a bit screechy for obvious reasons and we weren’t always certain how to finish songs. Yes, there were mistakes by The Odeens, but they recovered very well and at one point Gordon on drums had a stick break, and without a replacement he did a magnificent job playing Arctic Monkeys ‘Good on the Dancefloor’ with half a stick!! Our frontman back in my day also had to refer to notes for the lyrics but once Lex gets to know the songs better he will rid himself of his ‘comfort blanket’ phone and adapt the role of the true frontman – he certainly looks the part!

I liked these lads , they can play their instruments and they do have something about them, it’s in there somewhere! Hopefully they will soon acquire the gear they are short of and Gordon’s drums desperately need replacing! With a decent sound system and a gig booked on the 8th Sept at #The Pyramid in Warrington, plus a DIY recording of their first single ‘Dirtbag’ being produced by the Sound Engineer (Loz) on the 18th Aug at #YouthZone, I will be watching very closely and reporting their progress, well done lads – great job.

Remember you heard it here first folks