Sometimes my job dictates I have to drive 3-6 hours to a site to do 4 hours work , stay overnight in a hotel or just drive all the way back! Now , i absolutely detest driving and used to take all types of short cuts to gain perhaps 25 mins , well not anymore folks.

Like a latter day John Peel listening to endless demo cassettes in his car , I find myself doing the same but with the luxury of Spotify new music playlists……

“Where have you been Luddite , they’ve been around ages” I hear you scream!!

Perhaps they have but with the endless streaming platforms out there I confess to sampling them all!! However , I have finally settled on Spotify and am picking up some cracking tracks from Unsigned bands , don’t forget that is the aim of my blog and my recently launched Music Publicist offering. In fact there are so many tracks I have quite a list for ‘Single of the Week’ on my Facebook site – simply named . Perhaps you want to head over there and give me a follow???

My simple message here is that next time you think your new single is going nowhere just remember that somebody , somewhere is always listening.

Keep em coming folks , chin up ……… cheers.