Discounting the 1 week when the site was down , is now 4 weeks old and what a busy time it’s been. I have met some lovely people , had some very nice e-mails , been on a radio show twice and even landed a post as a music correspondant on #warringtonworldwidemagazine !

Ok, admittedly I submit articles for approval and subsequent posting at the moment, but who knows where it will lead and for me it’s a dream hobby. The show on #RadioWarrington1332AM and on-line via the app is a blast!! Hosted by the self-titled ‘Rock God’ DJ Gary Skentlebery, I am given the task of selecting 24 Classic Rock tracks for discussion /banter and there is plenty of it! Why not tune in and judge for yourself, the show is aired every Saturday night from 10-12pm GMT and repeated on Sundays at the same time.

In the first 4 weeks it’s been my pleasure to interview Gordon Shaw aka #Gigthepoet , Artist #allsortsbyBen , Sam Heathcote of EVENTIVE and I have the lads of popular bands #MuddyElephant and #TheRaymonds lined up.

Along with other festival organisers to schedule and interview , plus some ideas I have on the ‘back burner’ it’s brilliant to do something I am.passionate about for a change and I hope people keep checking in. Come back soon and spread the word for the arts.